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I am proud to say that I have recently been named the winner of the Super Service Award on Angie's List for 2017, making it 6 out of the last 7 years that I have won the award. This award is given out at the end of the year to the top service provider in that category and market as determined by Angie's List user reviews.

When arranging for a home inspection I think it's useful to realize that there are significant differences in how well different home inspectors perform their task. The knowledge and background of the inspector are obvious factors here, but that's not all. There are differences in what inspectors perceive their core job to be as well as whose interests should be protected. Believe it or not, some are afraid that exceeding the minimum required standards only brings on more legal liability for them. And unfortunately, some inspectors feel that it is more important to please the real estate agents involved than it is to look out for their actual client, the homebuyer. After all, by keeping the agent happy they have a lot better chance of getting more jobs down the road through agent referrals. The potential loser in this arrangement? That's right, it's you

So how are you expected to decide who to choose? That's a tough question. Real estate agent advice? Cheapest price? First inspector who is available?  My advice: Online reviews are a great start if you don't have recommendations from trusted friends locally. Spend time doing your homework. Here's the thing that's REALLY crucial to remember: Everyone involved cares if you buy the house EXCEPT for an ethical home inspector. After all, we are the only ones who have no financial interest in the deal. My Assured Home Inspection Google Place Page has numerous reviews gathered over the past few years that may help you make a decision. Unfortunately, Google rules won't let me publish a direct link to my Place Page here so I encourage you to read those by doing a search for home inspectors in Little Rock, AR.  There are also several reviews on Kudzu.com and some "filtered reviews" that are harder to find on Yelp.com. There are also several on Angieslist.com and a few more sites. 

My background info? I was a custom home builder for 25 years, and in 1999 I decided to diversify and use my experience to aid home buyers by providing qualified inspection services. I became so busy with inspections that I ceased building homes in 2006. To save you from doing the math that means that I have been doing inspections for over 18 years.

Coverage Area
My core business area is the central Arkansas area: Little Rock, Bryant, Benton, Conway, Cabot, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Ward, Austin, Alexander, Bauxite and Jacksonville. But I don't limit home inspections solely to the central Arkansas area. If you are farther away I welcome your inquiry. Honestly, I like experiencing all of Arkansas and sometimes I enjoy a drive to a different city outside my normal area. Call me and let's see if it will benefit both of us.

Are you buying a new or relatively new home and wondering if a home inspection is really a worthwhile investment?
Follow this link and you may find your answer. These 3 new home galleries are the newest part of this site: New Construction Photos

The most often visited pages are Client Comments: Assured Home Inspection Client comments

Frequently Asked Questions: Home Inspection FAQ

And for some visual examples as to what can be found in a home inspection, the Photo Galleries: Home Inspection Photo Galleries (Some of the pics are serious and some a little more lighthearted. Home inspection is admittedly a rather dry subject.)

If you already understand that a home inspection can benefit you, then the question becomes:  Why Should You Hire ME?

Of course, I encourage you to call me if you have specific questions about home inspections  which are not addressed here.

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