As consumers, it is likely that we have had an occasion where we felt forced into a position where we had no choice but to complain when the service or product we received was well below the normal standards. Far more rare are the times when any of us have used our own valuable time to send a business an "attaboy" for a job done in a manner which exceeded our expectations. The following excerpts are from a few of the letters I have received through the years.

  • "We found Kevin's work to be superior...We believe we got the best that could be had for our money."
    Jeff and Rosalind Lord

  • "Thank you for all the things you did to make building our home a real pleasure. Overall, the quality of the work went beyond our expectations. Thank you for a quality home."
    John and Deborah Mathis

  • "It has been a wonderful experience for me to have you build my new home. I never thought it could be done so effortlessly on my part after the first one five years ago...thank you for giving me the home of my dreams."
    Kathy Sweere

  • "The workmanship, quality and thoroughness of this construction project were excellent...I highly recommend Kevin as a quality, reputable builder and would not hesitate to utilize his services on a future construction project."
    Dan and Gigi Parker

  • "Your attention to the details of quality, and your anticipation of your customers' needs is what we felt set your homes apart from your competition...our house stood out as one of quality for the best value."
    Dean and Chris Anderson