Picture Gallery Two

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photo taken by a home inspector in vilonia,ar
Photo #7
Overheated wire
The wiring coming off the 2nd breaker has seriously overheated at some point, burning the insulation. All electrical issues of this nature are safety issues which should be repaired ASAP.

photo taken by a home inspector in greenbrier,ar
Photo #8
Furnace burner problem
The burner or vent on this furnace has a problem and the flame rolls out at startup. This scorches everything above and beside it. NOTE: For all you technical types looking at this, the shield was in place prior to taking the photo. I removed it temporarily for a better picture.

photo taken by a home inspector in maumelle,ar
Photo #9
The joys of flexible ductwork
This is a section of flexible duct in an attic. With this particular type, the outer lightweight plastic layer (the thin gray material) deteriorates over time. Since this is all that holds the Fiberglass insulation in place, it pretty much fillets itself as this outer restraining layer fails. Then all you have separating the heated or cooled air (which you've paid dearly for) from the attic air is the innermost very thin layer of clear plastic.


photo taken by a home inspector in jacksonville,ar
Photo #10
Water (and other things) won't naturally flow uphill
The availability of easy to use plastic plumbing has unfortunately encouraged a lot of do-it-yourselfers who would have been better off staying on the couch watching Bob Vila reruns. If you look carefully, you'll notice that the drain actually rises past the trap. This section must be sloping downward for a properly functioning drain. The water pressure in the drain above the trap will force the water out, but not at a proper rate. Eventually, solids will settle in the line and it will back up.

photo taken by a home inspector in cabot,ar
Photo #11
Rodent hotel
A disconnected section of ductwork in your home does more than just waste energy. Consider what happens if it's in a crawlspace with an assortment of  animals and bugs who just love the easy access this gives them into your home.

photo taken by a home inspector in sherwood,ar
Photo #12
Another disgusting sewer issue. There are definitely times when a zoom lens is a wonderful thing. This is a leaking toilet drain. Enough said about that. I only included it because it gives anyone still looking at these photos a special two-for-one deal! Check out the stellar work on the small brick piers supporting the bath floor. Sharp eyed surfers will notice that actually there's a third issue--the furry white and tan mold on the floor joist in the upper left of the photo. There is a leak from above which is not visible in the photo.