New Home Photo Gallery (continued)

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hot springs AR inspection photo
Photo #37
No one told the roofer
that he needed to come back and add a flashing for the plumbing vent after the plumber moved it. Of course, the old flashing must be removed and the hole patched and shingled over. Until then, there are two leaks...

Hot Springs, AR home inspection photo
Photo #38
Pretty granite countertop
Unfortunately, it's missing a code-required electrical receptacle. There should be one to serve the area to the right of the sink. This area is too large for only the receptacle currently in place in the corner.

hot springs ar home inspector photo
Photo #39
Leak waiting to happen
This is a man-made faux stone that is required to be installed over a continuous, layer of cementitious material similar to a stucco basecoat. Here, as is all too common, they took a shortcut. The white material visible in the center of the photo is the housewrap. This is not waterproof and should not be exposed to moisture. Or to sunlight permanently, for that matter. The installer simply buttered the back of each piece of stone and stuck it directly over the housewrap. The housewrap is right on top of waferboard sheathing. Think this won't get wet and rot out?


hot springs ar home inspector photo
Photo #40
Adding a grounding wire to the gas line is useless
Well, it is when you don't actually attach it to the gas line.


hot springs ar home inspector photo
Photo #41
Anyone think this will drain?

hot springs ar home inspector photo
Photo #42
Way too many wires here
There are as many as five neutral wires shoved into each hole in this terminal strip. The manufacturer of this panel -- as well as the code -- mandates only one wire per screw connection. I don't remember where I saw this, but this sort of thing is common in smaller towns with lax inspections. In fact, many smaller cities have no inspections whatsoever.